PedPy: Pedestrian Trajectory Analyzer

PedPy: Pedestrian Trajectory Analyzer#

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PedPy is an open source, MIT-licensed Python library for pedestrian movement analysis. It provides a high-level interface for extracting fundamental measurements from trajectory data.

Basic measures as velocity, flow, and density can directly be computed and then combined to obtain fundamental diagrams. Additionally, PedPy provides functionalities to compute density and velocity profiles.

Install PedPy#

PedPy can directly be installed from PyPI via:

pip install pedpy

Cite PedPy#

If you use PedPy in your work, please cite it using the following information from zenodo. Here you can find all versions of PedPy with this link:

You can find out the installed version of PedPy with:

import pedpy

Getting Started

New to PedPy? Check out the getting started guide. It show cases a first analysis done with PedPy.

To the getting started guide
User Guide

The user guide shows more detailed applications and provides an overview of the capabilities of PedPy.

To the user guide
API Reference

A detailed description of PedPy’s API. It explains the provided functions and their parameters.

To the reference guide
Developer Guide

Want to help improving PedPy? The developer guides explains, how you can help us to make PedPy better.

To the development guide